Quantum Mechanics 3

Tutorial workshops: Note that henceforth these will only run on Tues & Weds (JCMB 5327 at 10 - 11), since demand for Thursday slumped.

Some web links that may be useful:

Notes in PostScript format are available:

and also in pdf format:

There are also problem sheets and outline solutions in PostScript format.

There have been some requests for longer solutions. Bear in mind that the only way to understand the material is to work through things yourself. You are strongly encouraged to come to the worked examples classes, where you will have a chance to discuss the material with tutors.

Nevertheless, I believe it might be helpful to have examples of full answers to past exam questions, so I will try to make the solution more extensive for the questions in this category.

For a larger set of worked examples, the Schaum outline series is usually unbeatable. Their Quantum Mechanics book isn't quite their best, but many students may find it helpful. Some parts of it are more relevant to 4th year material, but the majority of the problems concern the material of this course.

Problems and solutions in pdf format: