FoMP: Vectors, Tensors & Fields

Lectures for this course will be at 11 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, starting January 11 2010.

Notes for the lectures

The full notes for the course are available as an approximate guide to the material.

Tutorial sheets

Will be collected here as they are released. These are the sheets that are being handed out for the tutorial workshops. No solutions will be provided for these sheets.

Worked examples

I have provided here some example problems, together with outline solutions . These are past tutorial workshop hand-in questions. I was tempted to follow the PSIP "no solutions" philosophy, but I understand that you will want to have some cases where you can practice, and then check your solution against an official example. As usual, you will get much more out of these examples if you try hard to do the question completely before looking at the solution. Making sure you can do all the problems is the best form of preparation for the summer exam.