Following the Photons

Astronomical Simulations for Instruments & Telescopes

10-12th October 2011, Royal Observatory Edinburgh


PDF files of the speakers' presentations will be linked, when available, from the titles listed in the programme below.

Monday 10th October
10:00 Registration
11:00 Welcome and introduction Prof. Gillian Wright
Session 1 - Good Grounding (Chair: )
11:10 Simulations for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope [PDF/55.5 MB] Andrew Connolly (Washington)
12:00 The Design Reference Mission of the European Extremely Large Telescope [PDF/33.5 MB] Joe Liske (ESO)
12:30 Spectro-Perfectionsism in SDSS-III [PDF/4.06 MB] Adam Bolton (Utah)
12:50 Lunch
13:50 Configuring the Pan-STARRS optics - from simulations to operational control system [PPT/10.5 MB] Nick Kaiser (Hawaii)
14:10 AAO Fibre Instrument Data Simulator [PPT/6.15 MB] Michael Goodwin (AAO)
14:30 Data simulations for the Atacama Large (sub) Millimeter Array [PDF/9.83 MB] Remy Indebetouw (Virginia)
15:00 The ALMA Observation Support Tool [PPT/5.2 MB] Adam Avison (Manchester)
15:20 Tea & Coffee
15:50 Flexure Analysis with the X-shooter Physical Model [PPT/9.37 MB] Paul Bristow (ESO)
16:10 Poster presentations  
  Improving IFU observing efficiency by a factor of 2-4 [PDF/3.12 MB] Ryan Houghton
  Strategic Theory for JWST [PDF/1.86 MB] Marcel Haas
  NIRCam Simulator [PDF/0.26 MB] Christopher Willmer
16:30 Discussion [PPT/0.29 MB] Chaired by Nick Kaiser
17:00 Close for the day  
Tuesday 11th October
Session 2 - Space Savers (Chair: )
09:30 Gaia, the universe in 3D: an overview of the mission [PDF/7.54 MB] Xavier Luri (Barcelona)
10:20 End to End simulations for space missions: the case of the EUCLID spectrograph [PDF/2.29 MB] Bianca Garilli (Milan/Marseille)
10:50 Tea & Coffee
11:20 Imaging simulations for the Mid-InfraRed Instrument (MIRI) for the James Webb Space Telescope [PPTX/2.87 MB] Rene Gastaud (Saclay)
11:50 A flexible and reusable detector simulator for the Mid Infrared Instrument of the James Web Space Telescope [PPT/6.16 MB] Steven Beard (UK ATC)
12:10 Simulating MIRI data with the Multi Object Simulator (MoSim) [PPTX/0.70 MB] Owen Littlejohns (Leicester)
12:30 Workshop photo followed by lunch
13:30 Instrument simulations for the Herschel mission and their impact on survey design [PPTX/36.7 MB] Bruce Sibthorpe (UK ATC)
14:00 Discussion [PPT/0.38 MB] Chaired by Richard Massey
Session 3 - Adding Atmosphere (Chair: )
14:20 Characterisation and simulation of atmospheric seeing [PDF/4.99 MB] Richard Wilson (Durham)
14:50 Measures of shear measurement accuracy [PPTX/10.3 MB] Richard Massay (IfA)
15:10 Preparing for Some Extreme Weather [PDF/4.67 MB] Phil Marshall (Oxford)
15:30 Tea & Coffee
16:00 Real-time Adaptive Optics simulations and results for E-ELT EAGLE and other instruments [PDF/1.63 MB] Alistair Basden (Durham)
16:20 Discussion Chaired by Simon Morris
16:50 Close for the day  
19:00 Pre-conference drinks reception St Leonards Hall
19:30 Conference Dinner  
Wednesday 12th October
Session 4 - Improving Interpretation (Chair: )
09:30 Using simulations to commission algorithms and pipelines [PDF/16.5 MB] Robert Lupton (Princeton)
10:20 Not satisfied with your processed data? Dont be irate, simulate! [PDF/6.65 MB] Pierre Chanial (Saclay)
10:40 Characterising charge - transfer efficiency losses for HST-ACS [PPT/2.93 MB] Jay Anderson (STScI)
11:00 Tea & Coffee
11:30 Radiation damage on Gaia CCDs, Modelling to mitigate the threat [PDF/4.8 MB] Thibaut Prodhomme (Leiden)
11:50 Discussion/Summary [PPTX/31.6 MB]  
12:20 Closing remarks  
12:30 Lunch
12:30 Tours of the Royal Observatory Edinburgh and the Crawford Collection Sign up at registration desk

Poster Session

Observing galaxy formation models with HST and JWST - Marcel Haas Space Telescope Science Institute

Simulating charge transfer in radiation damaged Charge Coupled Devices - David Hall the Open University

Simulating the Near Infrared Camera for JWST - Christopher Willmer Steward Observatory, University of Arizona

E-ELT: First MASS- DIMM measurements at Aklim site in the Anti Atlas Moroccan - Mohammed SABIL Université Cadi Ayyad(FSSM)

A Laboratory Test-Bed for Spectral and Spatial Interferometry - Roser Juanola-Parramon, University College London

Space Born Intensity Interferometry - Nicolas Clarke, University College London

Wednesday 14:00 - 17:00 Training Session for Students

On the Wednesday afternoon we are running a short workshop by Dr. Hermine Schnetler. This will use methods from the ‘Theory of Inventive Problem Solving’ to design part of an astronomical instrument, to illustrate how we can be more creative and innovative on demand. This is primarily aimed at students and early-stage researchers, but is open to all.

Pre-registration is essential, if interested, please email

The ROE conference is supported by the UK Astronomy Technology Centre and the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Edinburgh.