1. Thurs 0900-1500 : UKIRT Board Meeting

2. Thurs 1500-1530 : Tea with Board Members

3. Thurs 1530-1710 : Review talks

15:30Andy LawrenceUKIDSS achievements and prospects
15:40Nigel HamblyGalactic Clusters Survey update
16:00Phil LucasGalactic Plane Survey update
16:20Alastair EdgeThe UKIDSS DXS
16:40Omar AlmainiThe UKIDSS Ultra-Deep Survey:
Status and Science Highlights
16:55Stephen WarrenAn analysis of UKIDSS publications

4. Thurs 1930-2130 : Workshop Dinner
Cellar Door, George IV Bridge

5. Fri 0915-1100 : Contributed Talks

09:15Jim EmersonUKIDSS counterpart in the South - VISTA
09:30Sarah CasewellA sub stellar cuckoo?
09:45Dirk FroebrichUWISH2 - Overview and Results
10:00Isaac RoseboomExploring the nature of AGN with WISE, UKIDSS and SDSS
10:15Basmah RiazThe GPS/GLIMPSE360 Search for Red Objects
10:30Nick CrossWSA status and plans
10:45Will HartleyThe emergence of the red sequence at z~2,
seen through galaxy clustering in the UKIDSS UDS

6. Fri 1100-1130 : Coffee

7. Fri 1130-1300 : Contributed Talks

11:30Simon DyeStatus of the UKIRT Hemisphere Survey
11:45Niall Deacon A census of the local ultracool dwarf population
with Pan-STARRS1, 2MASS and UKIDSS
12:00Lee Kelvin Structure, Morphology and Mass in GAMA
12:15Vivienne Wild Using UKIDSS to measure dust attenuation laws
12:30Stuart Lumsden The role of GPS in hunting for massive young stellar objects
12:45David Sobral Highlights from HiZELS

8. Fri 1300-1400 : Buffet Lunch

9. Fri 1400-1555 : Contributed Talks

14:00Gary DavisUKIRT: Current Status and Future Plans
14:15Simon HodgkinUKIRT: Recent Results from The WFCAM Transit Survey
14:30Carlos ContrerasExtreme Variables in Star Forming Regions
14:45Tim HiggsMatching UKIDSS LAS and SDSS photometry
15:00 Small break
15:10Ben BurninghamThe UKIDSS Late T dwarf Sample:
space density, kinematics and wide binaries
15:25Matt BurleighWhite dwarfs, debris disks and brown dwarfs with UKIDSS
15:40Dan Mortlock Using UKIDSS to find the most distant quasars
15:55Andy Lawrence Workshop Summary

10. Fri 1605 : Tea and Carriages