Teaching : Undergraduate

General Info

The School teaching pages have Degree Programme Guides, Timetables, Synopses of courses etc. The MyEd web site has all sorts of useful stuff, and is where you log onto Learn, the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Full notes, problem sheets, class announcements, reading lists etc are on the relevant Learn pages. Here I keep a repository of the basic notes, which may interest other readers, and some general information.

Current Course involvements

Astronomical Statistics and Measurement
A fourth year course led by myself : part of the Astrophysics honours degree.

Fourier Analysis and Statistics
A third year course : a core course for all breeds of Physics. John Peacock is the Course Organiser and teaches the Fourier part; I teach the Statistics part.

Introductory Astrophysics
A second year course led by Catherine Heymans.

AstroTech: The Science and Technology behind Astronomical Discovery
A Coursera MOOC : put together by myself and Catherine Heymans.

Recent Past Courses

Astronomy 1G
A first year Astronomy course for physical scientists. (Was taught alternate years with Astronomy 1S; both now replaced by Introductory Astrophysics.)

Discovering Astronomy
A first year Astronomy course, open to any students.This is still running, but I no longer teach it.

In 2012 I was also a workshop leader for Physics 1A

Undergraduate Projects

Most years I will be offering undergraduate/MSc projects. There are four kinds :

Senior Honours Projects
MPhys Projects
E-Science MSc Projects
Cormack Summer Research Projects

This year David Bain is doing an MPhys project with me on the statistics of variability in AGN. I am also running senior honours projects on finding extreme AGN transients, and modelling the Big Blue Bump in AGN.

Handy astro resources for students

Maybe I will get round to this some time soon...