Project Links : Survey Science Archives

In the Wide Field Astronomy Unit (WFAU) we have concentrated on delivering web based access to images and catalogues produced by a small number of major surveys / instruments. The term science archive means that rather than just being a repository, you can do online analysis, such as SQL queries on a database, or loading a table into Topcat for analysis. Here are links to current and future archives :

We are also part of a UK team led by Gerry Gilmore in Cambridge working on GAIA Data flow. Looking towards the future our main ambition is a significant role in LSST data flow, if somebody will give us the money ..

A lot of people in WFAU have been crucial to all this, including Nigel Hambly, Mike Read, Bob Mann, Eckhard Sutorius, Peredur Williams, Ross Collins, Nick Cross, Rob Blake, Mark Holliman, Kona Andrews, and Lorenzo Rimoldini