Project Links : UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS)

UKIDSS is a seven year programme to carry out a deep IR survey. It is much deeper than 2MASS but does not cover the whole sky. Roughly, it covers 7000 square degrees to K=18, 35 square degrees to K=21, and 0.75 square degrees to K=23. (Vega magnitudes). The observing is now complete (May 2012) but the data is not all out yet. The latest data release is DR9 (October 2011) but DR10 is imminent. The key links are these :

  • UKIDSS : Public information about the UKIDSS project
  • WSA : Data access via the WFCAM Science Archive
  • Lawrence et al 2007 : Survey definition paper

The key people are :

  • Consortium PI : Andy Lawrence
  • Consortium Survey Scientist : Steve Warren
  • The Working Group Heads : Steve Warren (Large Area Survey); Alastair Edge (Deep Extragalactic Survey); Omar Almaini (Ultra Deep Survey); Phil Lucas (Galactic Plane Survey); Nigel Hambly (Galactic Clusters Survey); Paul Hewett (Calibration Working Group)
  • UKIRT Survey Scientist : Watson Varricatt
  • Over 100 consortium members : see this link