Teaching : PhD projects and students

My current PhD student is Alastair Bruce, who is working on AGN transients in PanSTARRS.

PhD opportunities

We generally have about 6 PhD places each year funded by STFC, by SUPA, and occasionally from other sources. General information about our PhD application process is available here

STFC funded studentships

For the STFC funded places, we offer a series of possible projects, in which PhD candidates can express interest. The offered projects for 2014 entry can be found here.

I am not offering an STFC-funded project for the coming year (2014 start) although I would welcome enquiries for any possible SUPA candidates (see below).

For information, in the last few years I have offered projects in these areas :

  • Nuclear transients : dormant black holes and microlens flaring
  • The very faintest radio sources and the evolution of galaxies and their black holes.
  • Nuclear structures and gas flow in AGN ture, and emission-line cones.

SUPA prize studentships

Edinburgh is part of SUPA, which runs an international competition for fully funded studentships which can potentially be held anywhere in Scotland. "Fully funded" means that the award can cover living costs as well as University fees, which is what makes these studentships attractive to international students. The application deadline is Jan 31st 2014, for students starting in September 2014. The usual process is that prospective students pick something from our list of offered projects, let the the supervisor know of their interest, and use this as the basis of their online application.

As mentioned above I am not offering a project this year. However, I would welcome any more general enquiries about possibilities in any of my current areas of research.

Past PhD students

  • Jack Mayo
  • Jess Skelton
  • Emma Taylor
  • Olivia Johnson
  • James Manners
  • Rachel Johnson
  • Paulina Lira
  • Dimitra Rigopoulou
  • Iossif Papadakis