Project Links : AstroGrid

AstroGrid was a project aimed at building a technical infrastructure, working services, and user interface for the Virtual Observatory. It was a UK project but with worldwide application. The project is now completed, but the software produced has either been absorbed into other projects, or has an independent life - the AstroGrid registry continues to operate, and Topcat (which began with Starlink and was developed within AstroGrid) is used by more and more astronomers every year. These are the key links :

  • : Main website for users of the software.
  • : Technical website for data centres and other projects wishing to install the infrastructure components, publish their datasets, etc.

AstroGrid was led by myself (Project Leader), Keith Noddle (Project Manager), and Nic Walton (Project Scientist). At various times around thirty or so individuals were either co-Is or paid staff on the project, including some extremely talented software engineers. Its been a privilege to work with them. (See list here)

The AstroGrid project began in 2002. Fully working services and user software was released in April 2008. AstroGrid completed its work in December 2009.

Other VO related links can be found under the Research/Virtual Observatory section.