Astronomical Statistics and Measurement : Course Information

Astronomical Statistics and Measurement is a ten credit course taught in first semester, for Senior Honours students. It is mostly taken by Astrophysics students, but also occasionally by other breeds of Physicist. Here is the official University course information

The course comes in two fairly distinct parts : (1) Astronomical Statistics, and (2) Astronomical Measurement. They evolved separately but for some years have been taught consecutively as a single 10pt course. Its not just a marriage of convenience however; together they represent the crucial practical information that teach you how Astrophysics is really carried out.

Book : I have converted this course into a book, which is just about to be published by Springer. Its called "Astronomical Measurement: a concise guide".

Version of 2013-14

This year (2013) the Statistics part was taught in conjunction with the Junior Honours Fourier Analysis and Statistics course. The Statistics notes are on my web page here.

Here are the Notes and Problem sheets for the Astro Measurement part:

Part-1 : Signal, Noise and Distortion
Notes; Problem Sheet; Solutions

Part-2 : The atmosphere and how to avoid it
Notes; Problem Sheet; Solutions

Part-3 : Mapping the sky
Notes; Problem Sheet; Solutions

Part-4 : Detection of light
Notes; Problem Sheet; Solutions

Part-5 : Spectroscopy
Notes; Problem Sheet; Solutions

Earlier versions

The course has been taught in its current form since 2010. Mostly the notes from previous years are similar but not as good, so I won't preserve them here. However, it is worth having the 2012 Astro Stats notes, as these are a little more advanced, and more Astro specific than the new Stats part of the Fourier Analysis and Statistics course. These notes have a long heritage starting with Lance Miller, and passing through Alan Heavens, Andy Taylor, Peder Norberg, Tom Kitching, and John Peacock.

Astrostats 2012 Part 1 : PDF file

Astrostats 2012 Part 2 : PDF file