Fourier Analysis and Statistics


This is the web page for the 2013 incarnation. I no longer use these web pages. If you are a student who has stumbled across this by accident, please use the version on Learn. For anybody else interested in the course notes, you can can find them at my public FTP site here.

Fourier Analysis and Statistics is a twenty credit Junior Honours course taught in first semester. Here is the official University course information. All the course material is on the related Learn page, which is only available to UEd registered students. This page is just a repository for the components of the course taught by me.

Autumn 2013 version

The Course Organiser is John Peacock who also teaches the Fourier part of the course. I teach the Statistics component. The third half of the course is Special Functions taught by Peter Boyle.

Here are the Notes and Problem sheets :

Week-1 : Probabilities, distributions, and errors
Notes; Problem Sheet; Solutions

Week-2 : The key probability distributions
Notes; Problem Sheet; Solutions

Week-3 : Statistical Inference
Notes; Problem Sheet; Solutions

Week-4 : Correlation testing and fitting
Notes; Problem Sheet; Solutions

Week-5 : Model fitting
Notes; Problem Sheet; Solutions