Sp12-EWASS 2013

Session 1: THEORY/SIMULATIONS (10-11.15 am Tuesday 2nd July)

10:00 Richard Bower
Durham University, invited speaker
Understanding the recession in cosmic star formation
10:25 Michelle Furlong
Durham University
Quenching of Galaxies in the Eagle Simulations
10:37 Rich Bielby
Durham University
Probing gas infall and outflow in the vicinity of high redshift galaxies
10:49 Timothy Davis
Suppressed star-formation in z=0 early-type galaxies; the ATLAS3D view 
11:01 Poster session Every participant with a poster will have a one-min one-slide presentation

Session 2: LOW REDSHIFT UNIVERSE (11.45 am - 1 pm Tuesday 2nd July)

11:45 Sharon Meidt
MPIA Heidelberg, invited speaker
How dynamical environment and galactic-scale gas motions regulate the structure of molecular gas and star formation: lessons from M51
12:10 Ignacio Ferreras
A systematic variation of the stellar IMF with galaxy mass
12:17 Fernando Buitrago
Royal Observatory of Edinburgh
Ongoing assembly of massive early-type galaxies in the HUDF12
12:24 Asa Bluck
University of Victoria
The Dominant Role of Bulge Mass in Quenching Local SDSS Galaxies: Implications for the Formation of the Red Sequence
12:36 Evelyn Johnston
University of Nottingham
Clues to the Transformation of Spiral Galaxies into Lenticulars Using Spectroscopic Bulge-Disk Decomposition
12:48 Phillip Best
Royal Observatory of Edinburgh
The evolving role of radio-AGN in supressing star-formation in massive galaxies 

Session 3: HIGH REDSHIFT UNIVERSE (4.30 - 5.45 pm Tuesday 2nd July)

16:30 Arjen Van der Wel
MPIA Heidelberg, invited speaker
The Empirical View on Galaxy Assembly from 3D-HST and CANDELS
16:55 Alexander Karim
Durham University/Bonn University
A COSMOS view on massive galaxy and structure formation in the early Universe
17:02 Vivienne Wild
University of St Andrews
Building the red sequence through gas-rich major mergers at z˜1-3
17:09 Caterina Lani
University of Nottingham
Strong correlation between galaxy structural parameters and local environment at z > 1
17:21 Victoria Bruce
Royal Observatory of Edinburgh
Morphological Bulge-Disk Decompositions of Massive Galaxies at z=1-3 in CANDELS 
17:33 Wrap-up session
Final debate of the most relevant ideas presented in the meeting