MPhys Advanced Cosmology

This is an MPhys undergraduate course, and is also part of the SUPA graduate school.

Lectures will be at 3 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays, starting January 15 2013 (apologies for the earlier confusion, where SUPA thought we were starting a week earlier). There will be additional tutorials, arranged in an ad hoc fashion according to demand. I encourage non-Edinburgh students to contact me by email with questions about the course (

It had been hoped to hold the lectures in the ROE lecture theatre, but so far this is not technically feasible. Therefore, until further notice, the course will take place in the SUPA video room instead (JCMB 6224).


For undergraduate customers, there will be a tutorial at 2 p.m., on weds Jan 30 in my ROE office (C20). We will mainly work through problem sheet 1 (see below).

Notes for the lectures

The notes for the course are made with a large margin for annotation. The full final notes are available and may be printed now. I suggest printing off the notes in 5-10 page batches just prior to the lecture (I will bring hard copies for Edinburgh students). Don't get too far ahead, since there may be minor changes as the course progresses.

Tutorial sheets

Postgrad students seeking credit for this course under SUPA should send me written solutions to two of the problem sheets (there will be 4 in all). I will mark these and send feedback. The deadline for sending me material is May 1.

Exam papers

Summary of examinable material

Examinable material

Some web links that may be useful: