Bins have been distributed around the site to accommodate:

Paper & Paper Cups are to be disposed of in the Paper Bins distrubuted widely throughout the site. Cardboard packaging can also be placed in these bins if it fits.

Cardboard & packaging material should be either broken down to flat and placed in either the middle or right-hand-side large green 1100L bins next to the red Biffa skip outside the Villas or, if it is small enough, placed in the paper bins distrubuted around the site.

Aluminium cans & tins have bins throughout the site.

Plastic bottles have bins throughout the site.

Glass should be placed in the bin outside the Common Room (aka Canteen).

Writing implements such as pens, felt-tips, highlighters, markers, mechanical pencils and correction instruments (tape and fluid pots) can be recycled in a receptacle in the Postroom in the Lodge.

Food waste recycling facilities are only provided for the kitchen staff. Non-kitchen food waste is to be disposed of in the general waste.

The following cannot currently be recycled.

Large items that don't fit in the general waste bins can be placed in the large red Biffa skip next to the Villas.

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