Astronomical Research in Edinburgh

There are around 90 active astronomical researchers at ROE, as well as large numbers of programmers, engineers, and technicians; the total number of people on site is about 200.

IfA and ATC staff share a single canteen, library, computer network, seminar and coffee-talk series, so the effect is of a single large research institute. Research-active staff can be grouped as follows:

A wide variety of research is undertaken, but the main active areas at present are:


Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) and related objects

Nearby Galaxies

Stellar astronomy

Star Formation

Planet Formation

Computational Astrophysics

The IfA is host to the Edinburgh Centre for Computational Astrophysics (ECCA) in affiliation with members from the Applied Mathematics group within the School of Mathematics. Areas of interest include cosmological structure formation, star and planet formation, the merger of neutron stars and black holes as precursors to gamma-ray bursts, and the gravitational dynamics of globular star clusters.

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