e-Expenses, Research Grants and Procurement

(See also Travel.)

Finance Department

University of Edinburgh's Finance Department has further information on financial systems, contacts, forms and policies, as does the School of Physics and Astronomy.

In particular, review the Expenses Policy .


The e-Expenses system allows you to claim for your expenses online. They will be paid directly into your bank account after your claim being approved (receipts required).

Request an account: eExpenses Registration

You will need to know which budget codes you are allowed to claim on.

The online eExpenses claim page requires your EASE login credentials.

Research Grants

Edinburgh Research and Innovation (ERI) provides costings and guidance for securing research grants.

Contact details: Research Councils Grants
Contact details: European Office

Funding opportunities are available from ERI through ResearchResearch.

When applying for a grant, the first step should be to contact your Head of Institute for approval and liaise with ERI who will provide all necessary information and costing estimates including indirect and Estates costs.

You can get additional support from the Research Administrator (Nathalie Dupin), who should be copied on all correspondence to/from ERI.

Research grant applications are subject to Full Economic Costing (FEC).


This system allows budget and research grant holders to manage their finances and print reports.

Request an account: WebFirst Registration


There are special contracts for the provision of Travel with the University. Consult the IfA's travel page.

The University of Edinburgh has a number of contracted suppliers for standard equipment and services.

For the list of suppliers and access to their websites, please see the Procurement Website .

For computing, the University has provided us with SelectPC listing out preferred suppliers and specific deals on workstations, laptops, and Apple products.

When purchasing IT equipment, please consult Eric Tittley for guidance and advice on compatibility / support availability.

Our Preferred Suppliers for IT equipment are

Your request for new equipment/consumables should be accompanied by the budget holder's authorisation and passed on to Nathalie Dupin for purchasing.


All email addresses are username@roe.ac.uk

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