Below are the slides (in either PPT or PDF format) from a number of the presentations at the conference. For the plenary talks, see the Video Gallery.

Speaker Institution Title
Alina Kiessling Edinburgh A new simulations method for weak lensing analysis
Anja von der Linden Stanford Weighing the Giants : Weak Lensing and X-ray Studies of the most Massive Clusters
Anna Cabre UPenn Halo Masses from the Dark Energy Survey and Spectroscopic Surveys
Carlo Giocoli ITA, Heidelberg Weak lensing signal from halo and subhalo population
Chihway Chang KIPAC Shear Systematics in Shear Systematics in Simulated LSST Images
Christopher Hirata Caltech Tidal Alignments & Large Scale Structure
Deborah Bard SLAC Investigation of shear analysis using ellipticity parameters
Doug Clowe Ohio Measuring weak lensing tomography with clusters of galaxies
Gary Bernstein UPenn High accuracy shear measurement
Jacob VanderPlas Seattle 3D Dark Matter Mapping
James Taylor Ontario Cosmology from lensing in the COSMOS field
Jan Hartlap Bonn Biases in Cosmic Shear
Jes Ford UBC Cosmic Magnification Detection in COSMOS30
Joel Berge JPL Optimal capture of non-Gaussianity with weak gravitational lensing
Jorg Dietrich Michigan Cosmology with the Shear-Peak Statistics
Julian Merten Heidelberg Joint Cluster Reconstructions on GPUs
Malin Velander Leiden Flexion in COSMOS
Mark Allen Stanford Using clusters to study intrinsic alignments
Marusa Bradac UC Davis Focusing cosmic telescopes: Observing z>7 Universe
Massimo Meneghetti Bologna Peculiarities of strong lensing clusters
Massimo Viola ITA, Heidelberg Biases in, and correction to, KSB shear measurements
Michael Brown Cambridge Polarization as an indication of intrinsic alignments in radio weak lensing
Patrick Simon Bonn 3D mass map in STAGES
Patrick Simon Bonn Galaxy3-lensing in the CFHTLenS: preliminary results
Peter Capak Caltech Photometric Redshifts For Lensing: Lessons from the COSMOS Survey
Richard Massey Edinburgh Mitigating radiation damage (CTI) for weak lensing
Robert Smith Zurich Beyond Gaussian Fisher matrix forecasts
Tim Schrabback Leiden Cosmological weak lensing with COSMOS
Tom Kitching Edinburgh Gravitational Lensing Accuracy Testing 2010
Zhuoyi Huang INAF, Naples Investigating Cluster Detection Limit with Weak Lensing

Conference poster

Scientific organising committee: Matthias Bartelmann, Bhuvnesh Jain, Konrad Kuijken, Yannick Mellier, Mario Radovich, Peter Schneider, Stella Seitz, Andy Taylor, Masahiro Takada, Ludovic van Waerbeke.

Local organising committee: Nathalie Dupin, Alan Heavens, Tom Kitching, Richard Massey, Alina Kiessling, Fergus Simpson, Patrick Simon, Andy Taylor, Paula Wilkie.