WFCAM/VISTA Science Archive Development

(a component of the VISTA Data Flow System project)

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VISTA Data Flow System (VDFS)

WFCAM/VISTA Science Archive development at WFAU is part of the VISTA Data Flow System project. The VDFS is a co-ordinated roadmap providing management and resources for pipeline processing and science archiving development for WFCAM and VISTA. Project management for VDFS is supported by the UK ATC - follow that link for related project management information. The early phase science archive system for VDFS was developed for WFCAM, a large format camera for the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope located on Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. Hence, the first phase VDFS science archive is known as the WFCAM Science Archive, or WSA. Subsequent phases of development of the VDFS science archive system are being developed for VISTA, a dedicated 4m-class infrared survey telescope. These pages also document the development of that archive system, the VISTA Science Archive, or VSA.

Final Design Review documentation set for the VDFS Science Archive project:

Source code documentation is available here; CASU pipeline processing FDR documentation is available here.

Report from the FDR review panel

Earlier WSA-specific documentation versions are available below.

WSA Overview

Top-level Overview

WSA External top-level requirements

Pipeline processing requirements

Science archive requirements

WFCAM Science Archive usage examples

Curation use cases for the WSA

WSA Project documentation

Critical Design Review documentation set (issue 1), April 15/16 2003 (these are superseded by FDR documents above):

Report from the CDR review panel

Other relevant science archive documentation

Previous issues of design documentation.

Source code documentation

Miscellaneous documents (including conference papers)

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