Operating System


See the section: Compilers.

Queuing system

Torque 2.3.5 is the queuing software. All parallel tasks require submission to the queue. Submission of jobs is done with the qsub command. The queue can be queried with showq or qstat.

See the section: Job Submission.



By request, I built CosmoMC with support for Planck Likelihood, compiled with the Intel compiler suite.

To run (assuming you are familiar with cosmomc)

setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/home/ert/local/Intel/lib
ln -s /home/ert/local/share/Planck ./data/clik
/home/ert/local/Intel/bin/mpirun -np 2 /home/ert/local/Intel/bin/cosmomc your.ini

Let me know if you have any troubles with cosmomc


There are a series of libraries and associated tools that are available pre-compiled with both the GCC and Intel compiler suites.

The GCC-compiled packages have their root in /home/ert/local.
The Intel-compiled packages have their root in /home/ert/local/Intel.
Adjust your paths accordingly.

Package Version
cfitsio 3360
FFTW 2.1.5
GSL 1.16
HDF5 1.8.8
lapack 3.5.0
OpenMPI 1.6.5