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It takes many people with different skills to build instruments for space research. In our Workshop, our highly skilled technicians make things, put them together, modify them and make new things – for some of the world’s most ground-breaking instruments in astronomy

Ciaran at work on one of the machines in our Workshop

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Get a fisheye 360 view of one of our Workshop spaces

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See the machines at work

Meet some of our technicians

Lee is Lead Mechanical Technician

“I essentially take a lump of metal and turn it into something that astronomers will get science out of," says Lee

ERIS NIX Timelapse Still

Lee helped build a state of the art instrument for the world’s largest and most productive optical telescope – the Very Large Telescope (VLT) at the Paranal Observatory in Chile

What’s great about being a technician in the Workshop at UK ATC?

“You are always doing something new every day,” says Ciaran

Ciaran Interview Still

Ciaran completed his 4-year apprenticeship at UK ATC. He is now a full time member of the Workshop team

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing brings advantages of advanced prototyping and production to our workshop. Using Inovative 3d printing machines reduces design and build times, optimizes manufacturing workflows, decreases overall costs and promotes workshop innovation.

One of our Summer Students started the process of converting data into CAD so a model of our East Tower could be built on our Prusa I3 Additive Manufacture machines. We now also have a much larger Fortus AM machine that can use multiple plastic material types.

You can see the process so far in the following slideshow.

3D Printing The Royal Observatory

We are hoping by the next Live Open Day there will be a completed model for you to see!

Click on the slide for a larger view

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Family Friendly Activities

Make a Solar System Hat

Solar System Hat Video Frame

Watch for instructions to make a Solar System hat

Watch the video and print out the PDF files below to make your own Solar System hat

Solar System Hat Download [PDF/1.16 MB]