Virtual Tour



Welcome to Royal Observatory Edinburgh (ROE) – home to the UK Astronomy Technology Centre and the University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Astronomy. Here you can take a virtual tour of our ROE site.

To navigate your way around – hover over our buildings in the aerial shot. See colour-coded pop ups and click through to take a look inside. There’s also a navigation bar at the foot of each page too.

During our Doors Open Days this weekend, please join us for one of our FREE! live events such as a planetarium show, astronomy talks, a tour of the lab, and more! For the full schedule and links to sign-up, click on the calendar icon


Take a deep dive into our buildings to...

Explore our history and heritage of astronomical observing in the city.

Find out about the ground-breaking 21st Century science and engineering for space research and what we do for the world’s biggest observatories and space missions.

Join in too with some fun activities for the kids.

Not only that…

Enjoy Free! live events by our astronomers and engineers. In case you miss the live events, we'll add the recordings of the planetarium shows and astronomy talks shortly after the weekend.