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The Higgs Centre for Innovation

This is our newest building at Royal Observatory Edinburgh. It opened its doors in 2018. It is our ground-breaking incubation hub where we support new business start-ups

Our Building

Our Start-ups

From robots and space missions to Earth observation… Check out the ambitious ground-breaking tech being developed by our incubator companies

Our Former Start-up Tenants

We've helped these former start-up tenants on their way to success

Our Cutting-edge Facilities

Business, the University community, and research institutions can also use our state-of-the-art labs - to test their tech in conditions that mimic the harsh environment of space

Video Title - Alba Orbital Testing

Watch how Alba Orbital tests its ultra-miniaturized spacecraft

Video Title - Higgs Centre Cleanrooms

See inside our cutting edge facilities

Read more about Alba Orbital (Opens in a new window)

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