Seminars Winter 2011

Talk abstracts, if provided, are reached by clicking on the speaker's name.

Wednesday 12th January
Mark Sullivan
University of Oxford
Supernovae: Explosions and Dark Energy

Wednesday 19th January
Bernard Carr
Black Holes as a Probe of Macrophysics and Microphysics

Wednesday 26th January
David Hubber
University of Sheffield
Modelling young gaseous star clusters

Wednesday 2nd February
Sylvain de la Torre
The evolution of galaxy clustering during the last 9 billion years: current observations from deep spectroscopic surveys

Wednesday 9th February
Michele Cappellari
University of Oxford
A new view on early-type galaxies

Wednesday 16th February
Rhaana Starling
University of Leicester
The high-z and the low-z of Gamma-Ray Bursts

Extra Seminar: Thursday 17th February
Keith Smith
University of Nottingham
Small-scale structure in the diffuse interstellar medium

Wednesday 23rd February
Paola Andreani
Candidate protoclusters in the Herschel/PACS blind surveys

Extra Seminar: Thursday 24th February
Lingyu Wang
University of Sussex
The large-scale structure of star-forming galaxies and their evolution

Extra Seminar: Thursday 1st March
Stefano Andreon
Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera
Cluster scaling relation and baryon fraction

Thursday 3rd March
José Sabater Montes
Nuclear activity in a sample of isolated galaxies

Wednesday 9th March
Katherine Mack
IoA, University of Cambridge
The 21cm Forest

Extra Seminar: Thursday 10th March
Andrew Pontzen
IoA, Cambridge
Piecing together galaxy formation at high redshifts

Wednesday 30th March
Serena Viti
Using molecules as probes of extragalactic star forming regions

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