Seminars Autumn 2010

Talk abstracts, if provided, are reached by clicking on the speaker's name.

Wednesday 15th September
Paul van der Werf
Leiden University
Probing the dark hearts of luminous infrared galaxies

Extra seminar: Thursday 16th September at 3pm
Jack Singal
SLAC, Stanford
The Cosmic Radio Background: Recent Measurement and Implications

Extra seminar: Friday 17th September at 3pm
Ned Taylor
University of Sydney
The End of Galaxy Evolution: the transition from 'developing' to 'developed' in massive galaxies

Wednesday 22nd September
Licia Verde
University of Barcelona
Challenges to the LCDM model from clustering

Extra seminar: Thursday 23rd September
Raul Jimenez
University of Barcelona
Fundamental physics from astronomical observations

IA@IfA: Wednesday 29th September at 11:30am
Carole Mundell
University of Liverpool
Black-hole Driven Engines - Physics, Environment and Followup

Wednesday 6th October
Benjamin Joachimi
University of Bonn & IfA
Constraints on red galaxy intrinsic alignments from MegaZ-LRG and other SDSS samples

Wednesday 13th October: ROE workshop (no seminar)

Wednesday 20th October
Matteo Monelli
The star formation history of Local Group Galaxies

Extra seminar: Thursday 21st October
Baojiu Li
DAMTP, University of Cambridge
N-body simulations for scalar-field theories

IA@IfAWednesday 27th October at 11:30am
Will Percival
ICG, University of Portsmouth
Answering Cosmological Questions with Galaxy Surveys

Extra Seminar: Thursday 28th October
Duncan Forgan
Self-Gravitating Protostellar Discs, SPH and Radiative Transfer

Wednesday 3rd November
Vivienne Wild

Wednesday 10th November
Sakurako Okamoto
University of Cambridge
The Stellar Populations of Ultra Faint Dwarf Galaxies

Extra Seminar: Thursday 11th November
David Sobral
The Nature and Evolution of H-alpha Emitters at High-z with HiZELS

Wednesday 17th November
Geraint Lewis
University of Sydney
Galactic Archaeology with PAndAS eyes

Extra Seminar: Thursday 18th November
Alina Kiessling
SUNGLASS: A new weak lensing simulation pipeline

Extra Seminar: Tuesday 23rd November
David Maurin
LPSC - Grenoble
Indirect dark matter detection and gamma-rays from dwarf spheroidal galaxies

Thursday 25th November
Philip Lucas
University of Hertfordshire
The Milky Way near and far: insights from new surveys and facilities

Wednesday 1st December **CANCELLED**
José Sabater Montes
Nuclear activity in a sample of isolated galaxies

Extra Seminar: Friday 3rd December **CANCELLED**
Ramesh Narayan
Measuring Black Hole Spin

Extra Seminar: Monday 6th December
Julio Navarro
University of Victoria
Relics of Cosmological Accretion in the Solar Neighbourhood

Wednesday 8th December
Padelis Papadopoulos
Argelander-Institut, Bonn
Extreme Cosmic-ray-dominated Regions: a new paradigm for high star-formation density events in the Universe

Extra Seminar: Monday 13th December
George Mamatsashvili
The dynamics of perturbation modes in protoplanetary discs

Wednesday 15th December
Karl Gordon
Dust Processing in Galaxies Due to Massive Star Formation

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