Seminars Winter 2009

Talk abstracts, if provided, are reached by clicking on the speaker's name.

Wednesday 7th January
Andy Taylor
IfA, University of Edinburgh
Results from the QUaD CMB Polarization and Temperature experiment

Wednesday 14th January
Roberto Trotta
Imperial College London
Doubting the cosmological concordance model

Wednesday 21st January
Filipe Abdalla
Are we ready for future photometric redsfhit surveys?

Thursday 22nd January
Douglas Scott
Things you never knew about the Cosmic Microwave Background

Wednesday 28th January
Noelia Noel
IfA, Univeristy of Edinburgh
Star formation history in different SMC fields

Wednesday 4th February
Garrelt Mellema
Stockholm University
Large Scale Reionisation Simulations

Wednesday 11th February
John Storey
University of New South Wales, Australia
Antarctica - the perfect site for your next telescope

Wednesday 18th February
Scott Trager
Kaypten Institute
Dissecting the stellar content of early-type galaxies

Wednesday 25th February
Stephane Charlot
Galaxy Spectral Modeling at Ultraviolet, Optical and Infrared Wavelengths

Wednesday 4th March
Rosie Wyse
Constraints on galaxy formation from the Milky Way Galaxy

Wednesday 11th March
Tim Garn
IfA, University of Edinburgh
Galaxy evolution and the infrared / radio correlation

SACIRR Colloquium: Monday 16th March
Ken Freeman
Mount Stromlo Observatory
About Galactic Disks

SACIRR Seminar: Tuesday 17th March
Ken Freeman
Mount Stromlo Observatory
The Hydrostatics of the HI Layer in Disk Galaxies

Wednesday 18th March
Cristiano Porciani
Bonn University
How the large-scale environment and primordial non-Gaussianity affect structure formation

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