Seminars Spring 2009

Talk abstracts, if provided, are reached by clicking on the speaker's name.

Wednesday 1st April
Ryan Hickox
CfA Harvard
Massive halos and violent mergers - supermassive black hole and galaxy evolution in the wide-field Bootes survey

SACIRR Colloquium: Wednesday 8th April
Ewine van Dishoeck
Leiden Observatory and MPE
From molecules to planets

SACIRR Seminar: Thursday 9th April
Ewine van Dishoeck
Leiden Observatory and MPE
Chemistry in evolving protoplanetary disks

Wednesday 15th April
Chris Power
University of Leicester
A Novel Approach to Modelling Supermassive Black Hole Feedback

Wednesday 22nd April
Eline Tolstoy
University of Groningen
Dwarf galaxies in the local group

Wednesday 29th April
Tom Kitching
IfA, University of Edinburgh
Future Fundamental Forecasts and Cloud Cosmology

Wednesday 6th May
Christian Wolf
University of Oxford
Can we get photo-z distributions accurate within Poisson noise?

Wednesday 13th May
Graham Smith
University of Brimingham
Early Results from the Local Cluster Substructure Survey

Wednesday 20th May
Tom Theuns
University of Durham
Cosmological simulations of galaxy formation: physics and numerics

Wednesday 27th May
Myrto Symeonidis
The Link Between SCUBA and Spitzer: Cold Galaxies at z<1

Thursday 28th May
Quentin Parker
Macquarie University
Perspectives on astronomical research at Macquarie University

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