Seminars Summer/Autumn 2009

Talk abstracts, if provided, are reached by clicking on the speaker's name.

Monday 3rd August
Jeremy Tinker
UC Berkeley
What Does Clustering Tell Us About the Buildup of the Red Sequence?

Wednesday 26th August
Nick Seymour
Tracing High Redshift Star Formation in deep Radio and Infrared Surveys?

Thursday 10th September
Tim Heckman
Johns Hopkins University
The Co-Evolution of Galaxies and Black Holes: Clues in the Local Universe

Friday 11th September
Tim Heckman
Johns Hopkins University
Starburst-Driven Galactic Winds at Low and High Redshift

Wednesday 16th September
Nial Tanvir
University of Leicester
The universe at 630 million years after the Big Bang: What we can learn from GRB 090423

Wednesday 23rd September
Kim Nilsson
Observations of the high redshift Lyman-alpha Universe

Special Maths seminars: Thursday 24th September
Michael Atiyah
University of Edinburgh
The mysteries of 4 dimensions

Wednesday 30th September
Henk Hoekstra
Leiden Observatory
Measuring masses from galaxy clusters down to galaxies

Extra Seminar: Thursday 1st October Common Room
Ian McCarthy
IoA, Cambridge
Thermal histories of galaxies and groups in cosmological hydrodynamic simulations

Wednesday 7th October
Chris Brook
Forming Bulgeless Disk Galaxies in CDM simulations

Extra Seminar: Thursday 8th October
Katherine Blundell
Modes of mass loss in quasars and microquasars: a time-resolved perspective

Wednesday 14th October
Martin Hardcastle
University of Hertsfordshire
High-energy particle acceleration in active galaxies

Wednesday 21th October
Edouard Bernard
Star formation histories and variable stars in Local Group galaxies

Extra Seminar: Thursday 22th October
Harvey Liszt
NRAO, Virginia
The surprising chemistry of diffuse clouds

Wednesday 28th October
Pedro Ferreira
The Dark Energy Hypothesis

Extra Seminar: Thursday 29th October
Sebastiano Cantalupo
IoA, Cambridge
Ly-alpha emission from the high-redshift Intergalactic Medium

Extra seminar: Monday 2nd November
Justin Read
University of Leicester
Astrophysical probes of dark matter

Wednesday 4th November
Dimitri Veras
University of Florida
A Current Snapshot of Extrasolar Planets and Future Directions for Research

Thursday 12th November
Phil Armitage
University of Colorado
Supermassive black hole binary mergers

Wednesday 18th November
Rita Tojeiro
ICG Portsmouth
The dynamical evolution of luminous red galaxies

Extra Seminar: Thursday 19th November
Anne-Katharina Jappsen
University of Cardiff
Star Formation at Very Low Metallicity

Wednesday 25th November
Andrew Liddle
University of Sussex
Dark sector unification

Wednesday 2nd December
Benedetta Ciardi
IGM Reionization and 21 cm line observations

Extra Seminar: Thursday 3rd December Common Room
Duncan Farrah
University of Sussex
The Duty Cycle of Infrared-Luminous Galaxies

Wednesday 9th December
Mark Westmoquette
Spatially-resolved studies of super star cluster feedback in starburst galaxies

Wednesday 16th December
Karen Masters
ICG, University of Portsmouth
The Enigma of Red Spirals

Wednesday 23rd December


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