Seminars Autumn 2008

Talk abstracts, if provided, are reached by clicking on the speaker's name.

Wednesday 17th September
Lynne Jones
University of Washington
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope - An Eye Wide Open

Wednesday 24th September: SACIRR Colloquium
Jay Gallagher
University of Wisconsin
Starbursts, Interactions, and Connections to the IGM: An M82 Case Study

Thursday 25th September at 3:30pm
Harley Thronson
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Does NASA's Human Spaceflight Program Offer Opportunities for the Space Sciences?

Friday 26th September: SACIRR seminar
Jay Gallagher
University of Wisconsin
NGC1275: A Nearby Lesson in Massive Galaxy Growth

CANCELLED Wednesday 1st October CANCELLED
Benedetta Ciardi
Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy
IGM Reionization and 21 cm line observations

Wednesday 8th October: ROE Workshop 2008 (no seminar)

Monday 13th October
Wolfgang Kapferer
University of Innsbruck
Metal enrichment of the intra-cluster medium over a Hubble time

Wednesday 15th October
Alan Boss
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Giant Planet Formation: Theory vs. Observations

Wednesday 22nd October
Dean McLaughlin
Keele University
Dynamical evolution of the mass function of globular star clusters

Wednesday 29th October
Zoe Leinhardt
University of Cambridge
Planetesimals, Collisions, and Planet Formation

Wednesday 5th November
Karina Caputi
ETH Zurich
The infrared Universe up to z~3: recent results from Spitzer and prospects for Herschel and ALMA

Wednesday 12th November
Joanna Dunkley
University of Oxford
The polarized CMB: WMAP and beyond

Wednesday 19th November
Sebastien Foucaud
University of Nottingham
UKIDSS-UDS: Unravelling the history of massive galaxies

Wednesday 26th November
Nate Bastian
University of Cambridge
Linking star and star-cluster formation from dwarf galaxies to major mergers

Tuesday 2nd December
Sebastian Els
Results from the site testing for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT)

Wednesday 3rd December
Dave Alexander
Durham University
Towards a Complete Census of AGN activity and Black Hole Growth in the Universe

Wednesday 10th December
Mark Wilkinson
University of Leicester
Dark Matter in Local Group Dwarf spheroidal galaxies

Wednesday 17th December
Sara Russel
National History Museum
Dust to Pebbles: The first stages of planet formation

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