Seminars 2007- 2008

Monday July 16th at 4pm,
Jonas Zmuidzinas
Caltech and JPL
Submillimeter astronomy: past, present, and future

Wednesday 19th September
Mark Swinbank
Durham University
Exploring Superwinds through Lyman-alpha emission from High Redshift Galaxies

Thursday 27th September at 3:30pm in the Common Room, with biscuits from 3:15pm
Todd Henry
Georgia State University
SCRounging for Gems in the Dark

Wednesday 3rd October
Christian Kaiser
University of Southampton
A history of cosmic heating

Wednesday 10th October
at 3:30pm in the Lecture Theatre, with biscuits from 3:00pm
Sarah Bridle
Constraining dark energy with gravitational lensing

Wednesday 17th October
Guinevere Kauffmann
New insights into the Starburst-AGN connection

Thursday 18th October, at 4pm, with biscuits from 3:30pm
Vivienne Wild
Linking black hole growth and recent star formation history in the local Universe

Wednesday 24th October
No seminar: ROE - JSPS Workshop 2007

Wednesday 31st October
Joop Schaye
Leiden Observatory
The Chemical Enrichment of the Intergalactic Medium

Wednesday 7th November
Giuseppe Lodato
University of Leicester
The propagation of warps in thin accretion discs

Wednesday 14th November
Lance Miller
University of Oxford
Active galaxy evolution and the growth of supermassive black hole

Wednesday 21th November
Mike Lockwood
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Quantifying the solar contribution to recent global climate change

Wednesday 28th November
Simon Goodwin
University of Sheffield
Binaries and brown dwarf formation

Wednesday 5th December
Richard Bower
Durham University
From black holes to galaxy clusters: a panoramic view of (semi-analytic) galaxy formation

Wednesday 12th December
Ian Bonnell
University of St-Andrews
Star formation in a galactic context

Cancelled Thursday 10th January Cancelled
Dipak Munshi
IoA Cambridge
Finger-printing the Universe: Error in Error-bars

Wednesday 16th January
Dimitris Stamatellos
Cardiff University
Brown dwarf formation by gravitational fragmentation of massive discs

Wednesday 23rd January
Richard Nelson
Queen Mary, University of London
Disc-Planet Interactions during Planet Formation

Wednesday 30th January
Matthew Lehnert
Observatoire de Paris
Direct Observations of (some of) the Physical Drivers of Galaxy Evolution

Wednesday 6th February
Martin Bureau
University of Oxford
Star Formation in Local Early-Type Galaxies: Insights from UV, Optical, and mm

Wednesday 13th February
Anne Green
University of Nottingham
Dark matter: from the early Universe to the solar neighbourhood

Wednesday 20th February
Victor Debattista
University of Central Lancashire
Simulating evolution in disk galaxies

Wednesday 27th February
Marek Gierlinski
Durham University
X-ray spectral states of accreting black holes

Wednesday 5th March
Steve Torchinsky
Observatoire de Paris
The Square Kilometre Array: Science Goals and Technology Development in Europe

Wednesday 12th March
Peter Woitke
Bulging Disks

Wednesday 19th March
Michael Barker
Examining the Fossil Record of Galaxy Evolution in M33

Tuesday 25th March at 2:30pm with tea, coffee and biscuits afterwards
HongShen Zhao
University of St-Andrews
A Non-Uniform Dark Energy fluid as a replacement for Dark Matter and Cosmological Constant

Wednesday 9th April
Richard Massey
Viewing dark matter with weak gravitational lensing from HST

Wednesday 16th April
Caroline van Breukelen
High-redshift clusters in the UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey

Wednesday 23rd April
Ben Metcalf
Pre-Galactic HI, Gravitational Lensing and Cosmology

Wednesday 30th April
Sijme-Jan Paardekooper
DAMTP, University of Cambridge
Understanding planet migration

Wednesday 07th May
Jane Greaves
University of St-Andrews
SUPA Astrobiology: from Planets to Life

Wednesday 14th May at 10:30am
Andy Lawrence
AstroGrid : the Virtual Observatory in action

Wednesday 21st May
Mike Hobson
Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge
Fast Bayesian inference in cosmology: neural networks and nested sampling

Cancelled Wednesday 28th May Cancelled
Carsten van de Bruck
University of Sheffield
Dark energy and new interactions in cosmology

Wednesday 4th June
Ben Davies
Rochester Institute of Technology
The Scutum Red-Supergiant Clusters

Wednesday 11th June
Padeli Papadopoulos
University of Bonn
Molecular gas in galaxy-sized numerical simulations: another step towards realism

Wednesday 25th June
Joanne Cohn
University of California, Berkeley
(Issues in) Optical and SZ cluster hunting

Wednesday 2nd July
Rogier Windhorst
Arizona State University
When during galaxy assembly did AGN growth take place?

Thursday 17th July at 10:30
Francoise Combes
Observatoire de Paris
Some phenomena of galaxy dynamics: problems of the standard model and comparison with MOND

Monday 28th July
Jay Farihi
University of Leicester
Cool Contaminated Stellar Corpses

Monday 4th August
Hendrik Hildebrandt
Leiden Observatory
Turning galaxy clustering at high-z into a precision tool

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