Seminars 2006-2007

Monday 25th September, at 3:30, with biscuits from 3pm
Wayne Holland
Royal Observatory Edinburgh

Wed 4th October

Wed 11th October
NO SEMINAR - Final day of ROE Workshop

Wed 18th October
Ben Panter
University of Edinburgh

Wed 25th October
Ignas Snellen
University of Leiden
"Transiting extra-solar planets"

Wed 1st November
Simon Driver
University of St. Andrews
"The Millennium Galaxy Catalogue: Bimodality, dust and SMBHs"

Wed 8th November
Steve Warren
Imperial College London
"Strong lensing and high-redshift galaxies"

Wed 15th November
Rob Fender University of Southampton
"Eight powers of ten: similarities in black hole accretion on all mass scales"

TUESDAY 21st November
Alan McConnachie
University of Victoria
"CMDs and CDM: Near-field cosmology with Local Group dwarf galaxies"

Wed 29th November
Dan Stinebring
Oberlin College
"Exploring the Warm Ionized ISM with Pulsar Scintillation"

Wed 6th December
Arjan Bik
European Southern Observatory
"Infrared observations of massive Young Stellar Objects"

Wed 13th December
Tom Muxlow
Jodrell Bank Observatory
"Starburst Galaxies in the GOODs Field HDF (North)"

Wed 24th January
Tom Muxlow
Jodrell Bank Observatory
"Properties of the very weak radio source population in the GOODs Field HDF-N"

Wed 31st January
Dougal Mackey
Royal Observatory Edinburgh
"Structural and dynamical evolution of globular clusters"

Wed 7th February
Peder Norberg
Royal Observatory Edinburgh
"Galaxy formation at low redshift: statistical constraints from SDSS and 2dFGRS"

Wed 14th February
Janet Drew
Imperial College
"Photometric H-alpha Surveying of the Galactic Plane: IPHAS results and VPHAS+ prospects"

Wed 7th March
Stephen Smartt
Queen's University Belfast
"The death of massive stars - detecting supernovae progenitors"

Wed 21st March
Vince Eke
Durham University
"Is there ice on the Moon?"

Wed 28th March
Alex Murphy
University of Edinburgh

Wed 4th April
Matthew Colless
Anglo-Australian Observatory
"The stellar populations of early-type galaxies from the 6dF Galaxy Survey"

Wed 11th April
Rony Keppens
KU Leuven
"Relativistic (magneto-)hydrodynamics: simulating plasmas at high Lorentz factor."

Wed 18th April
Rob Kennicutt
University of Cambridge
"Nearby Galaxies as Revealed by the Spitzer Space Telescope"

Wed 25th April
Olivia Johnson
University of Edinburgh
"Studies of optically-selected clusters at high redshift"

Wed 2nd May
Louisa Nolan
University of Birmingham
"Young stellar populations in early-type galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey"

Wed 9th May
Brad Gibson
University of Central Lancashire
"Building a Galaxy Cloud-by-Cloud"

Wed 16th May
Michael Brown
University of Cambridge
"Measuring CMB polarization with more muscle - the QUaD and CLOVER experiments"

Wed 23rd May
Vasily Belokurov
University of Cambridge
"The Hercules-Aquila Cloud - the new structural component of the Milky Way"

Wed 30th May
Meghan Gray
University of Nottingham
"STAGES: Environmental Drivers of Galaxy Evolution"

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