Seminars 2005-2006

Mon 23rd Jan
Donald Kurtz
University of Central Lancashire
"Asteroseismology: The Real Music of the Spheres"

Wed 1st Feb
Andrew Connolly
University of Pittsburgh

Wed 8th Feb
Roger Davies
University of Oxford
"Galaxy Evolution seen through the eye of SAURON"

Wed 15th Feb
Jose-Maria Torrelles
Instituto de Ciencias del Espacio (CSIC) and Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya
"Cepheus A, an Ideal Laboratory for Testing and Opening New Theories on High-Mass Star Formation"

Wed 1st Mar
Bob Nichol
University of Portsmouth
"The Dark Side of the SDSS"

Wed 15th Mar
Michele Cirasuolo
University of Edinburgh
"Exploring the Formation History of Massive Galaxies"

Wed 29th Mar
Ken Rice
University of Edinburgh
"Self-gravitating Accretion Discs and the Formation of Extrasolar Planets"

Wed 5th Apr
Vik Dhillon
University of Sheffield
"ULTRACAM: High-speed astrophysics"

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