The ROE colloquium is open to everyone at the ROE. It takes place every Wednesday


Organiser: Katarina Kraljic

Information for the speakers

The audience of the colloquium is wide including PhD students and engineers as well as professors, working in a range of fields including exoplanets, cosmology, theory, and instrumentation. There will be non-experts in the audience so a broad introduction to the subject before the details of your work is encouraged.

The speaker needs to

The ROE is located on Blackford Hill. You can come by walking, by bus (41 or 24), by cab.

If you do not have eduroam, let the organiser know and we will set up a guest account to access the network at ROE.

On the day

After the colloquium, to be reimbursed, complete the Visitors Expenses Claim Form and give it to your host or the colloquium organiser along with all receipts. If you are unable to give all receipts yet (e.g. return ticket), mail the form and the remaining receipts to the colloquim organiser at

Royal Observatory
Blackford Hill