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Here are some of the seminars and conference talks I have given over the last few years:

2014-09-13: Mapping the BLR with microlensing (4.2MB)
Talk at The Inner Regions of Quasars (aka the Bev Wills Fest), Austin, Texas.

2014-07-10: Bright Nuclear Transients - what are they? (12.1MB)
Seminar at MSSL.

2013-07-03: Science with Mega Surveys (8.4MB)
Plenary talk at UK National Astronomy Meeting, St Andrews.

2013-07-01: Bright Nuclear Transients - what are they ? (0.8MB)
Talk at UK National Astronomy Meeting, St Andrews.

2012-06-26: Bright Nuclear Transients - what are they ? (1.2MB)
Talk at conference on Tidal Disruption Events and AGN outbursts, ESAC.

2012-03-29: Ultraviolet and Optical Flare from the Tidal Disruption of a Helium Rich stellar core (1.2MB)
Talk at National Astronomy meeting in Manchester.

2011-01-06: Hot Dust Poor Quasars (1.7MB)
Talk at the Third "Science with UKIDSS" meeting at the RAS in London.

2010-07-08: Large Area Surveys (2.3MB)
Review talk at "Exploring the Extreme Universe", a conference to celebrate 50 years of space science at Leicester.

2010-05-26: (1) Origin of the Cosmic Radio Background, and (2) What is the Big Blue Bump? (2.8MB)
Double Bill Seminar given at Jodrell Bank and Nottingham

2010-01-22: Galaxy Transients (1.1MB)
Talk given to workshop on "Next Generation Sky SUrveys : the Transient Sky", Belfast

2009-12-01: Virtual Observatory : VO 2.0 ? (3.1MB)
Talk given (via skype) to dot-Astronomy meeting, Leiden

2009-11-21: The Virtual Observatory and Data Mining (5.7MB)
Talk given to special meeting of British Astronomical Association celebrating 75th anniversary of Patrick Moore's membership of the BAA.

2009-09-16: UKIDSS (1.2MB)
Introduction to UKIDSS session at workshop celebrating thirty years of UKIRT.

2009-09-07: Origin of the radio background (3.8MB)
Short talk at Durham-Edinburgh Extragalactic Workshop.

2008-10 to 2009-05 : UKIDSS and the VO (4.6MB)
Colloquium given at several places in USA : Caltech, Davis, SLAC, Berkeley, Livermore, CfA, UCLA

2008-09-22 : Drowning in Data : VO to the rescue (2.2MB)
Talk at "Dot Astronomy" conference, Cardiff.

2008-06-12 : Why Libraries are too important to be left to Librarians (1.4MB)
Talk given as "tame scientist" to annual conference of Society of College, National, ad University Libraries (SCONUL), Edinburgh.

2008-05-09 : Big Surveys, Big databases : how to avoid drowning in the data deluge (1.4MB)
Talk at RAS Meeting, London.

2008-04-01 : The AstroGrid Desktop Suite : Release 2008 (1.4MB)
Talk at National Astronomy Meeting, Belfast.

2008-01-21 : The Virtual Observatory in action (0.7MB)
Seminar given at Oxford e-Science centre.

2007-12-17 : UKIDSS overview (1.2MB)
This is the introductory review from "Science with UKIDSS", Dec 17-20, workshop at ESO.

2007-07-11 : AGN Unification (1.8MB)
This is an invited review given at "From IRAS to Herschel-Planck", July 9-11, a conference in London to celebrate the 65th birthday of Michael Rowan-Robinson.

2007-06-06 : Misaligned Fuelling and the Unified Scheme(1.0MB)
This is a talk given at "Obscured AGN Across Cosmic Time", 2007 June 5-8, a workshop in Seeon, Bavaria, organised by ESO.

2006-10-03 : Data Access in Physics and Astronomy(0.4MB)
This is an invited talk given at a workshop on "An Information Commons for Science", 2006 October 2-4, Washington DC, organised by Science Commons.

2006-08-22 : Warped Discs and the Unified Scheme(0.8MB)
This is a talk given at IAU Symposium 238 "Black Holes - from Stars to Galaxies", Aug 21-25 2006, part of the IAU General Assembly in Prague, August 2006.

2006-08-17 : The Virtual Observatory : what it is and where it came from(0.8MB)
This is the invited opening review at Special Session 3 "The Virtual Observatory in action: new science, new technology, and next generation facilities I", Aug 17-22 2006, part of the IAU General Assembly in Prague, August 2006.

2006-04-06 : Wide Angle Surveys(3.9MB)
This is an invited plenary review at UK National Astronomy Meeting 2006, April 3-7 2006, Leicester