Research : Overview

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I am an observational astronomer, originally working in X-ray astronomy, then moving to optical and infrared follow-up of AGN, followed by studies of galaxies in the far-infrared, and then sub-mm surveys. It seems I have been losing energy with time ! My work has been in the following areas :

The Physics and Phenomenology of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) and Quasars

Survey Astronomy, especially the UKIRT Deep Infrared Sky Survey (UKIDSS Project)

E-science and the development of a Virtual Observatory environment (AstroGrid Project)

Observational Cosmology (IRAS galaxies, SCUBA galaxies, large scale structure)

Assorted oddities (e.g. cold dark clouds, chaotic variability)

Recent conference talks and seminars can be found under the output menu, or via this link.

Finally here is my one minute video from the University's "Research in a Nutshell" initiative.
Its about Tidal Disruption Events :