Introduction - ROE Workshop 2009: UKIRT at 30 - a British Success Story

Programme Details

Details for the workshop programme.

Monday 14th Sept


UKIRT - the early years

11:00 Welcome and Introduction Ian Robson
11:05 The UKIRT Success Story Richard Ellis
11:35 UKIRT - the Project and the early years Terry Lee
12:15 The IRCAM Revolution Ian Mclean
12:45 Lunch  
14:00 The Submm Years Ian Robson
14:30 CGS4 rules OK Phil Puxley
15:00 The UKIRT Upgrades Tim Hawarden
15:30 Operational Innovations Andy Adamson
16:00 tea  
16:30 WFCAM Mark Casali
17:00 UKIRT Polarimetry Jim Hough
17:30 Mid-infrared observations from UKIRT Pat Roche
18:00 Close for the day  
19:30 Public Lecture Richard Ellis

Tuesday 15th Sept


UKIRT Science

09:00 Star formation Chris Davis
09:30 Asteroids and Comets from UKIRT John Davies
09:45 Spectroscopic tomography of a wind-collision region Perdur Williams
10:00 Interstellar spectroscopy Tom Geballe
10:30 coffee  
11:00 Brown dwarfs Sandy Leggett
11:30 White Dwarfs in UKIDSS Paul Steele
11:45 Discovery of variables in WFCAM and VISTA data Nicholas Cross
12:00 WFCAM transit survey Simon Hodgkin
12:30 lunch  
14:00 The near-infrared extinction in the Galactic Plane Andrew Gosling
14:15 Observations and modelling of PAHs Peter Sarre
14:30 Nearby galaxies Phil James
15:00 Surveying the Local Group galaxies with WFCAM Mike Irwin


Radio and sub-mm galaxies Jim Dunlop


16.15 HiZELS Philip Best
16:45 Bright Lyman-alpha Emitters at z~9 with UKIRT: constraints on the luminosity function from HiZELS David Sobral
17.00 GRBs Nial Tanvir
17.30 Close  
19.30 Conf Dinner  

Wednesday 16th Sept


UKIDSS and the Future

09:00 UKIDSS Andy Lawrence
09:15 LAS Steve Warren
Ben Burningham
Daniel Mortlock
09:45 GPS Phil Lucas
10:15 coffee  
10:45 GCS Sarah Casewell
11:15 DXS Mark Swinbank
11:45 UDS Will Hartley
12:15 The luminosity function, clustering properties and starformation rates of UV selected galaxies at 4.5<<z<<6 Ross McLure
12.30 The UKIRT Planet Finder (UPF) Hugh Jones
13.00 Summary Gary Davis
13:15 lunch  
14:30 tours etc  
  UKIRT Board Meeting