'UKIRT: A British Success Story - a workshop to celebrate UKIRT's achievements over three decades, and to look forward to the future'

Monday Sept 14th to Wednesday Sept 16th 2009 at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh

For thirty years, the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope has occupied a leading role in the study of the infrared Universe, with highlight results in almost every area of astronomy, from the atmospheres of planets in the Solar System to redshift-record holding QSOs and GRBs. This workshop will give a retrospective look at the UKIRT enterprise from its earliest days through the acquisition of array imagers and world-beating spectrometers, provide an opportunity to highlight the most compelling current results, and look ahead to the completion of the UKIDSS sky surveys and beyond.

Contributed talks are invited throughout, but particularly for day two, which will focus on current/recent science highlights. Day 1 will consist mainly of invited retrospectives, but there are also opportunities for contributions. Day 3 will feature reviews of the status of UKIDSS and discussion of the possible terrestrial planet-finding future, based on the UPF spectrometer. Contributed talks based on UKIDSS data are invited.

Please submit your contributed paper through the form on the contributed papers submission page.

Contributed Paper Submission Page

A small number of tours of the Crawford Collection will be available on the Wednesday afternoon. Places are limited to maximum of 10 people at a time, so please register your interest when you arrive for the workshop.