Workshop programme/presentations:

Day One, Wednesday 9th November

Session 1: Existing Surveys
Chair: Nigel Hambly

0850-0900 Welcome and Introduction from the LOC

0900-0930 ‘DENIS’ (Epchtein) (PDF/5.63 MB)

0930-1000 ‘The Two Micron All Sky Survey’ (Cutri) (PDF/31.7 MB)

1000-1020 ‘NIR galaxies in the highly obscured region around PKS1343-601’ (Schroeder) (PDF/1.51 MB)

1020-1040 ‘Delineating the cosmological growth of stellar mass with deep infrared surveys’ (Dunlop) (PDF/0.56 MB)

1040-1110: Coffee

Session 2: New technologies and survey facilities
Chair: Jim Dunlop

1110-1140 ‘The UKIRT Widefield Camera (WFCAM)’ (Casali) (PDF/1.73 MB)

1140-1210 ‘Large Area Near Infrared Detectors for Astronomy’ (Ives) (PDF/25.9 MB)

1210-1240 ‘Pipeline Processing of WFCAM and VISTA survey data’ (Irwin)

1240-1300 ‘The WFCAM Science Archive’ (Hambly)

1300-1400 Lunch in the Rooftop Gallery

Session 2, continued: New technologies and survey facilities
Chair: Mark Casali

1400-1430 ‘VISTA and its capabilities’ (Emerson) (PDF/1.58 MB)

1430-1500 ‘VISTA’ (Sutherland) (PDF/2.87 MB)

1500-1530 ‘A first look at the UKIDSS data’ (Warren) (PowerPoint/14.70 MB)

1530-1600 Coffee

Session 3: New Survey Science
Chair: Suzie Ramsay Howat

1600-1620 ‘Accessing the UK Wide Imaging Surveys from Astrogrid’ (Gonzalez) (PDF/5.87 MB)

1620-1640 ‘Constraining the Stellar Birthrate and Mass Function using UKIDSS’ (Deacon) (PDF/0.56 MB)

1640-1700 ‘Complex, small-scale structure in the IR extinction towards the GC’ (Gosling)

1715: Coaches depart

1830 ‘til late: Public lecture and conference dinner at Our Dynamic Earth

Day Two, Thurdsay 10th November

Session 3 (continued): New Survey Science
Chair : Andy Longmore

0900-0930 ‘WIRCam Commissioning, Performances and Expected Science’ (Albert) (PDF/5.14 MB)

0930-0950 ‘The WIRCam Deep Survey (WIRDS)’ (Willott)

0950-1010 ‘WFCAM commissioning and early science observing’ (Hirst)

1010-1030 ‘The UKIDSS Ultradeep Survey’ (Almaini)

1030-1050 ‘Science prospects from the UKIDSS DXS’ (Edge)

1050-1120 Coffee

Session 3 (continued): New Survey Science
Chair: Omar Almaini

1120-1140 ‘Exploring the Quasar Population in the Near-infrared’ (Maddox) (PDF/1.31 MB)

1140-1200 ‘Galaxy evolution and large-scale structure in the near- to mid-infrared’ (Waddington)

1200-1220 ‘Multi-wavelength studies of rho Ophiuchus and Rosette Complex Systems’ (Smith) (PDF/4.87 MB)

1240-1300 ‘Multi-object Near-IR spectroscopy on galaxies at redshift 1-2’ (Bunker)

1300 – 1400 Lunch in the Rooftop Gallery

Session 3 (continued): New Survey Science
Chair: Steve Warren

1400-1420 ‘CANICA: A Near-Infrared camera at the 2-m GHO telescope at Cananea, Mexico.’ (Mayya)

1420-1440 ‘Subaru/Suprime-CAM observations of the UKIDSS DXS fields: ELAIS N1 and Lockman Hole’ (Sato)

1440-1500 ‘A deep wide-field survey in the IC4665 open cluster’ (Lodieu) (PDF/0.39 MB)

Session 4: Future follow-up
Chair: Steve Warren

1500-1530 ‘KMOS: A Multi-Object Near-Infrared Integral Field Spectrograph’ (Sharples) (PDF/5.21 MB)

1530-1550 ‘The FMOS Spectrographs’ (Bonfield) (PDF/1.67 MB)

1550 - 1620 Coffee

Session 4 (continued): Future follow-up
Chair: Ross McClure

1620-1640 ‘The Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)’ (Cutri) (PDF/5.47 MB)

1640-1700 ‘FLAMINGOS-2: A Near-IR multi-object spectrograph and imager for the Gemini-South Telescope’ (Bergmann)

1700-1720 ‘XMM-2df Wide Angle Serendipitous Survey’ (Tedds) (PDF/0.86 MB)

1720-1740 ‘The importance of NIR photometry for wide field optical spectroscopy’ (Cannon)

1740-1800 Concluding remarks and conference summary