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Bologna Astronomical Observatory preprints collects the publications of the following research institutions (from 2000 - present):

INAF-Bologna Astronomical Observatory (OAB)

Astronomy Department of Bologna University (DDA)

Radioastronomy Institute of CNR (IRA)

IASF Institute of CNR (IASF)

ESO Preprints (European Southern Observatory) Scientific and technical preprints from 1996 - present.

Institute for Astronomy - University of Hawaii - preprints are listed by most recent and are removed after one year.

Jodrell Bank access to refereed, non-refereed & conference papers from 1991 - 2001.

NRAO Preprints and Published Papers (National Radio Astronomy Observatory) preprints from 1986 -to date and all published papers from 1957 forward with at least one NRAO staff member as author, and all published papers from 1957 forward by visiting observers which include original observations made with any NRAO telescope(s).

Princeton Observatory Preprints (POPs) a list of mainly eprints up to 2002.

STScI Preprints (Space Telescope Science Institute) current index goes back to August 1996.