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Abstract Services & Databases

AAO (Anglo-Australian Observatory) Archive database

Provides an on-line index to the data observed to date on the Anglo-Australian Telescope.

ARIBIB Database

Provides references from Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts (AAA) from 1983 onwards.

Astronomisches Rechen-Institut : Catalogue files and Databases

Various databases of star catalogues.

CDS Service of Abstracts - PASP

CDS Service of Abstracts -A&A, A&A Suppl.

DSS Digitized Sky Survey

Photographic archive of the National Geographic Society-Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (a survey of the northern sky).

Enchanted Learning

An astronomy dictionary giving brief overviews of various topics and personalities within astronomy.

GCPD: The Lausanne Photometric Database

Contains data for 75 photometric systems and their references.

NASA Astrophysics Data System

Abstracts from astronomical articles taken from journals, conference proceedings, reports and theses. Also data catalogues and data archives. Access is now available to scanned articles from major journals and some books.

National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC)

Provides access to data from NASA spaceflight missions.


NASA Extragalactic database with 500,000 2MASS Objects with Images;40,000 SDSS Objects with Redshifts; 15,000 2QZ Objects (Part of 2dF) Frames


Provides access to SIMBAD and XSIMBAD. Contains data for celestial objects, stars, galaxies and nonstellar objects.


A virtual observatory generating images of any part of the sky at wavelengths in all regimes from radio to gamma-ray.

Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Survey to map in detail a quarter of the entire sky, determining positions and absolute brightness of more than 100 million celestial objects.


Astrographic Catalogue and AC 200.2

From the home page of US Naval Observatory. Provides access to data on star measurements/positions.

Astronomical Data Center

Access to astronomy data and catalogues from NASA.

CDS Service for Astronomical Catalogues

Provides access to over 4000 catalogues.

Center for History of Physics. [AIP]

Access to the International Catalogue of Sources [ICOS] for resources on the history of physics and allied sciences.


The Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC) at Caltech is dedicated to science operations, data archives, and community support for astronomy and solar system science missions, with a historical emphasis on infrared-submillimeter astronomy and exoplanet science.

XMM Catalogue : The largest catalogue of X-ray sources ever has now been released. The catalogue, '2XMM', has been compiled from observations carried out with ESA's XMM-Newton space observatory over six years of operation.