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Funding for the SuperCOSMOS scanning programme has now ceased, and the machine is being decommissioned. We can no longer service plate scan requests.

SuperCOSMOS was an advanced plate digitisation facility operated by the Wide Field Astronomy Unit within the Institute for Astronomy, School of Physics, University of Edinburgh. SuperCOSMOS concentrated on sky survey scanning programmes. For BRI broadband sky survey data, please see the SuperCOSMOS Science Archive (SSA) or the SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey (SSS); for narrow band Halpha and matching broadband R data in the Galactic plane, see the SuperCOSMOS Halpha Survey (SHS).

More information concerning the machine, including non-survey plate scanning and publications resulting from both survey and non-survey data, is available as follows:

Non-survey data are supplied in a variety of data formats including a proprietary native binary format; in addition, calibration and other issues concerning scanned photography can present users with a challenging data reduction problem. The following technical guides are available to help users get the most from their non-survey data, as well as giving background information relevant to all SuperCOSMOS data:

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