Simpiamread - an example Fortran program


Harvey T. MacGillivray
Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh


The program 'simpiamread.f' is a simple, straightforward Fortran source program which reads a SuperCOSMOS binary IAM file, selects some parameters, and outputs those parameters to an ASCII file for further viewing and manipulation.

Specifically, in the particular example given, the parameters output are:-

	Right ascension (J2000)
	Declination     (J2000)

	Apparent magnitude

	X coordinate on plate (mm)
	Y coordinate on plate (mm)

	Semi-major diameter (microns)
	Semi-minor diameter  (microns)

	Position angle of semi-major axis (degrees)

View the source program
(To copy, use 'Save As' in 'File' drop down menu when viewing).

Note that you may need to change the 'record length' value in the binary file 'open' statement depending upon which computer architecture you are using (SUN or DEC Alpha). In the example this is set to '128', appropriate for a SUN workstation. However, if you are using a DEC Alpha, you MUST change this to '32'.