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SuperCOSMOS publications

The SuperCOSMOS publication list has been assembled using the SAO/NASA-ADS and Cornell arXiv-astroph online bibliographic resources. Candidate works using SuperCOSMOS data are identified by their citation of one or more of the original instrument description paper (Miller et al. 1992), the SSS papers (Hambly et al. 2001a,b,c), the SHS paper (Parker et al. 2005), the SSA paper (Hambly et al. 2004) or the presence of the word SuperCOSMOS in a full text search of astro-ph. Those candidates are then individually checked to ensure the research does indeed make use of data from the machine.


Starred items in the lists indicate those papers based mainly on SuperCOSMOS survey or non-survey data. There are currently 379 refereed (illustrated above) and 108 non-refereed publications in these lists.

Nigel Hambly, December 2010