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(See also e-Expenses, Research Grants, and Procurement.)

First, read the University and School guidances:

For travel or attending a local conference, the procedure is straightforward: 1) Get approval; 2) Book conference and/or flights; 3) Go; 4) Claim costs back.

Details below:

  1. If you are planning a trip or intending to attend a conference, even if local, it should be approved in advance. Please use the Travel Request Form (ROE network/VPN only) and follow the instructions on the form.

  2. Once your Travel Request is approved, you can make bookings with the approved agent, so that tickets are charged directly to the University account. Bookings may be negotiated over the phone or web.

    An approved agent, Key Travel have an online booking option. However, they may be contacted directy at:
    0161 819 8835

  3. Where the cost of travel is below 300, members of staff should make their own travel bookings, and claim the costs back via the eExpenses system. You still need prior approval, whether or not you use the University service.

  4. When you get back, probably you will need to reclaim taxis etc. This can be done using University of Edinburgh's eExpenses system ( instructions ).

Travel insurance can be booked through the University.

All email addresses are username@roe.ac.uk

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