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AxesLength.hxx [code]DataMethod to fill Axis Length values
ByteArray.cppBinary file container
ByteArray.h [code]Binary file container
CameoSet.h [code]A list of cameo passband data tables
Cartesian.hxx [code]DataMethod to calculate Cartesian coordinates
Catalog.hxx [code]DataBuilder class - creates a source catalog table
Constants.h [code]General constants
Converter.h [code]Unit conversion utility
CurationTaskID.hxx [code]DataMethod to insert supplied curation task ID
DataBuilder.hxx [code]Abstract base class to define the interface for Data Builder classes
DataBuilderFactory.hxx [code]Factory function to select the correct data builder specialisation
DataChannel.hxx [code]Schema driven I/O of data
DataDumper.h [code]Dumps Table Data to CSV or binary files
DataDumper.hxx [code]
DataMethod.hxx [code]Abstract base class to define the interface for Data Method classes
DataMethodFactory.hxx [code]Factory functions to select the correct data methods
DataOps.h [code]A set of data operation functions
DataTypes.h [code]Data types definitions for wfcamsrc
DegToH.hxx [code]DataMethod to convert RA from deg to h
DoneToBool.hxx [code]DataMethod to convert a 'Done' string to a boolean 1 or 0 tinyint
exmeta.cppProgram to extract header info from FITS files (used by Cu3)
exnumeric.cppProgram to extract source data (used by Cu4)
Extension.hxx [code]DataBuilder class - creates an extension table
FileName.hxx [code]DataMethod to set the name of the "pixel" file
FileTimeStamp.hxx [code]DataMethod to extract the WSA time stamp
FilterID.hxx [code]DataMethods to set the filterID from value in FITSfile or data table
FitsFile.h [code]A facade for cfitsio
FrameID.hxx [code]DataMethods to set the mFrameID from value in FITSfile or data table
FrameType.hxx [code]DataMethod to determine the frame type
GalacticCoords.hxx [code]DataMethod to calculate the galactic co-ordinates
HlRadCirc.hxx [code]DataMethods to calculate various radii values
HlRadii.hxx [code]DataMethods to calculate various radii values
HtmIndex.hxx [code]DataMethod to calculate the HTM indicies
IllumTable.hxx [code]
InsertData.hxx [code]DataBuilder Functions to create TableData objects from FITS files
JulianDayNum.hxx [code]DataMethod to calculate the Julian date
Logger.h [code]Message log
Magnitudes.hxx [code]DataMethods to calculate various magnitude values
MergeTable.h [code]Class to encapsulate the records that make up a "merge table"
mkmerge.cppProgram to merge passband detections into sources (used by Cu7)
Moon.hxx [code]DataMethod to determine Moon's location
MyException.h [code]A generic exception class
NumDetectors.hxx [code]DataMethod to determine the number of detectors from a FITS file
ObjectID.hxx [code]DataMethod to determine the object ID
Options.h [code]Class to keep track of user supplied program options
Primary.hxx [code]DataBuilder class - creates a primary table
ProgrammeID.hxx [code]DataMethod to determine the Programme ID from Programme name
ProgrammeTable.h [code]A translation table for Programme ID<->Name
Provenance.hxx [code]DataBuilder class - creates a provenance table
QuantitiesByAst.hxx [code]DataMethod to determine what attrs are calculated from FITS WCS vals
RaDecByAst.hxx [code]DataMethod to calculate RA, Dec from WCS values in the FITS file
SchemaException.h [code]A Schema Exception derived from MyException
SkySubScale.hxx [code]DataMethod to extract the SkySubScale value from the FITS keyword
SloanCoords.hxx [code]DataMethod to calculate the polar angles in the Sloan coordinates
SourceTable.h [code]Prepares a source table for binary ingest
SqlParser.h [code]Utility functions for extracting information from SQL schema files
StringOps.h [code]Some utility functions for manipulating std::strings
Table.h [code]Represents a related TableInfo and TableData
Table.hxx [code]
TableData.hxx [code]Data types and class to define data in tables
TableInfo.h [code]Table Schema Info
TelRunNum.hxx [code]DataMethod to determine the Telescope Run Number
TotalExpTime.hxx [code]DataMethod to calculate total exposure time
UtDate.hxx [code]DataMethod to calculate the UTdate from obsDate
VersionNum.hxx [code]DataMethod to set the version number of a pixel file
VSAMagnitudes.hxx [code]DataMethods to calculate various magnitude values
VSAProject.hxx [code]
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