Constants.h File Reference

General constants. More...

#include <string>
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namespace  TagNames

Names as defined for descriptor tags in the database schemas.

namespace  ExpectNames

Expected attribute names as must be used in the schemas.

namespace  PreSuffixNames

Filename pre- and suffixes.

namespace  DetectionTableSubstr

the different frame types

namespace  FrameTypeNames

the different frame types

namespace  DefaultValues

default values

namespace  BooleanTinyInt


const std::string TagNames::FITSKEY = "K"
const std::string TagNames::FITSCOL = "F"
const std::string TagNames::UNITS = "U"
const std::string TagNames::DEFAULT = "N"
const std::string TagNames::HTMLEVEL = "L"
const std::string TagNames::GETUSING = "Q"
const std::string TagNames::COMMENT = "C"
const std::string TagNames::METHOD = "M"
const std::string TagNames::RANGE = "R"
const std::string TagNames::VALUES = "V"
const std::string ExpectNames::cuEventID = "cuEventID"
const std::string ExpectNames::ukirtRunNo = "ukirtRunNo"
const std::string ExpectNames::vistaRunNo = "vistaRunNo"
const std::string ExpectNames::fileTimeStamp = "fileTimeStamp"
const std::string ExpectNames::htmID = "htmID"
const std::string ExpectNames::multiframeID = "multiframeID"
const std::string ExpectNames::combiframeID = "combiframeID"
const std::string ExpectNames::darkID = "darkID"
const std::string ExpectNames::flatID = "flatID"
const std::string ExpectNames::confID = "confID"
const std::string ExpectNames::frinID = "frinID"
const std::string ExpectNames::skyID = "skyID"
const std::string ExpectNames::skySubScale = "skySubScale"
const std::string ExpectNames::maskID = "maskID"
const std::string ExpectNames::diffimID = "diffimID"
const std::string ExpectNames::stackID = "stackID"
const std::string ExpectNames::mosaicID = "mosaicID"
const std::string ExpectNames::extNum = "extNum"
const std::string ExpectNames::raBase = "raBase"
const std::string ExpectNames::cx = "cx"
const std::string ExpectNames::cy = "cy"
const std::string ExpectNames::cz = "cz"
const std::string ExpectNames::utDate = "utDate"
const std::string ExpectNames::julianDayNum = "julianDayNum"
const std::string ExpectNames::filterName = "filterName"
const std::string ExpectNames::filterID = "filterID"
const std::string ExpectNames::fileName = "fileName"
const std::string ExpectNames::catName = "catName"
const std::string ExpectNames::programmeID = "programmeID"
const std::string ExpectNames::project = "project"
const std::string ExpectNames::numDetectors = "numDetectors"
const std::string ExpectNames::l = "l"
const std::string ExpectNames::b = "b"
const std::string ExpectNames::lambda = "lambda"
const std::string ExpectNames::eta = "eta"
const std::string ExpectNames::frameType = "frameType"
const std::string ExpectNames::objectId = "objID"
const std::string ExpectNames::numAxes = "numAxes"
const std::string ExpectNames::axis1Length = "axis1Length"
const std::string ExpectNames::axis2Length = "axis2Length"
const std::string ExpectNames::raMoon = "raMoon"
const std::string ExpectNames::decMoon = "decMoon"
const std::string ExpectNames::illumMoon = "illumMoon"
const std::string ExpectNames::raMoonTopo = "raMoonTopo"
const std::string ExpectNames::decMoonTopo = "decMoonTopo"
const std::string ExpectNames::versionNum = "versionNum"
const std::string ExpectNames::totalExpTime = "totalExpTime"
const std::string ExpectNames::hlCircRadAs = "hlCircRadAs"
const std::string ExpectNames::hlCircRadErrAs = "hlCircRadErrAs"
const std::string ExpectNames::hlGeoRadAs = "hlGeoRadAs"
const std::string ExpectNames::hlSMjRadAs = "hlSMjRadAs"
const std::string ExpectNames::hlSMnRadAs = "hlSMnRadAs"
const std::string ExpectNames::hlCorSMjRadAs = "hlCorSMjRadAs"
const std::string ExpectNames::hlCorSMnRadAs = "hlCorSMnRadAs"
const std::string ExpectNames::deltaMag = "deltaMag"
const std::string ExpectNames::illumCorr = "illumCorr"
const std::string ExpectNames::distortCorr = "distortCorr"
const std::string ExpectNames::saturatCorr = "saturatCorr"
const std::string ExpectNames::seqNum = "seqNum"
const std::string ExpectNames::ra = "ra"
const std::string ExpectNames::dec = "dec"
const std::string ExpectNames::centralRa = "centralRa"
const std::string ExpectNames::centralDec = "centralDec"
const std::string ExpectNames::posAngle = "posAngle"
const std::string ExpectNames::imageExtent = "imageExtent"
const std::string ExpectNames::xPixSize = "xPixSize"
const std::string ExpectNames::yPixSize = "yPixSize"
const std::string ExpectNames::minRa = "minRa"
const std::string ExpectNames::minDec = "minDec"
const std::string ExpectNames::maxRa = "maxRa"
const std::string ExpectNames::maxDec = "maxDec"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::vistaPrefix = "v"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::casuPrefix = "w"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::edinPrefix = "e"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::mefType = ".fit"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::catType = ".fits"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::catSuffix = "_cat"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::stackSuffix = "_st"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::confSuffix = "_conf"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::cpmSuffix = "_cpm"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::tileSuffix = "_tl"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::mosaSuffix = "_mos"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::diffSuffix = "_dif"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::caliSuffix = "_cal"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::filtSuffix = "_two"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::leavSuffix = "_sf"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::biasSuffix = "_bias"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::darkSuffix = "_dark"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::flatSuffix = "_flat"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::arcSuffix = "_arc"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::skySuffix = "_sky"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::deepSuffix = "_dp"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::CelestialSphere = "sky"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::VirtuallyNoPhotons = "dark"
const std::string PreSuffixNames::TheEarth = "flat"
const std::string DetectionTableSubstr::astrometryTableSubstr = "DetectionAstrometry"
const std::string DetectionTableSubstr::rawTableSubstr = "DetectionRaw"
const std::string DetectionTableSubstr::photometryTableSubstr = "DetectionPhotometry"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::defType = "normal"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::stack = "stack"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::confidence = "conf"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::tile = "tile"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::mosaic = "mosaic"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::difference = "diff"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::calibration = "calib"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::filtered = "filt"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::interleaved = "leav"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::catalogue = "cat"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::bias = "bias"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::dark = "dark"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::flat = "flat"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::arc = "arc"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::sky = "sky"
const std::string FrameTypeNames::deep = "deep"
const double DefaultValues::realdef = -0.9999995e9
const long long DefaultValues::bigintdef = -99999999
const int DefaultValues::intdef = -99999999
const short DefaultValues::smallintdef = -9999
const unsigned short DefaultValues::tinyintdef = 0
const std::string DefaultValues::datetimedef = "9999-12-31T00:00:00"
const std::string DefaultValues::varchar4def = "NONE"
const std::string DefaultValues::varchar3def = "---"
const std::string DefaultValues::varchar2def = "--"
const std::string DefaultValues::varchar1def = "-"
const std::string DefaultValues::emptycatname = "empty_catalogue.fits"
const int BooleanTinyInt::Yes = 1
const int BooleanTinyInt::No = 0

Detailed Description

General constants.

I.A. Bond, WFAU, IfA, University of Edinburgh
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