Project Update

The GCAL Team - June 2001 The GCAL team (left to right): Vicki Ramsay, David Gostick, Mel Strachan, David Henry, Suzie Ramsay.

June 2001

Monday 4th June 2001: GCAL 2 is boxed and collected for shipping to the Gemini South Observatory in Chile.

The GCAL Team - October 2000 The GCAL team (left to right): Norrie Kidd, Ken Laidlaw, Suzie Ramsay Howat, David Gostick, Mel Strachan, Watt Russell, Ken Wilson, David Hendry, Stuart Stokes.

October 2000

Friday the 13th October: GCAL is boxed and collected for shipping to the Gemini Observatory. Commissioning at Gemini North is scheduled for the first fortnight of November 2000.

January 2000

The GCAL acceptance tests were successfully carried out in December 1999.

GCAL is ready for shipping to the Gemini Observatory (image, 59K).

Environmental tests were performed in November 1999 in the ATC cold room.

GCAL at 0 degrees with David, Ken and Suzie (image, 132K).

GCAL was turned on its side for limited flexure testing (image, 140K).

Here is a picture of the filter wheel showing the field lens (image, 154K) and the reflector with the infrared diffuser (image, 154K).

John Harris John Harris, the optical designer for GCAL, retired at the end of December 1999. He is seen here, testing the quality of the pupil imaging.

June 1999

Initial lab tests on the reflector mirrors have been carried out.

The pupil imaging mirrors have been received.

The GCAL frame is available and the filter wheel is being assembled and tested.

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