Early-Stage Researchers' Networking Lunch

With a conference dedicated to the "Applications of Astronomy", this may be an appropriate time to consider some applications of scientists. PhD level scientists are equipped with a such diverse range of skills, that there are numerous areas where they can find employment. This event brings together professionals who have moved away from their scientific origins into very different careers, including teachers, bankers and journalists. Delegates will have the opportunity to meet individually with the different professionals and set to them their own burning questions. Running parallel to these meetings, will be a CV writing workshop organised by the university, giving advice on how to sell those scientific skills to a wider community. The afternoon will begin with a light lunch and close out with a glass of wine or two.

List of attending professionals:


Maria Cruz: Associate editor for Science magazine.
Susanne Pritchard: Teacher at Galashields school.
Pippa Goldschmidt: Civil Service and Science Policy Advisor.
Mick Johnson: Astrium Satellites, he is Director of the Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation.
James Pritchard: Maths teacher at Earlston High School.


Craig Clark: A Scottish entrepreneur from "Clyde Space", a company focusing on microsatellites.
Angela Mathis: from Think Tank Maths, a mathematical consultancy for a broad range of industry.

Timetable for the 15th of October:

12:45pm Lunch
1:30pm An introduction to the professionals, who they are and what they do.
1:45pm Individual meetings and in parallel, CV workshop 1.
3:00pm Coffee Break and switch over of CV people.
3:30pm Individual meetings and in parallel, CV workshop 2.
4:45pm Wine and a chance to finish off any conversations.

The ROE conference is supported by the UK Astronomy Technology Centre and the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Edinburgh.