Applications of Astronomy: 13-15 October 2010

The workshop was held as planned between October the 13 and 15 with about 80 resistered participants.

These pages will be kept as a record of the event.

Presentations given by the speakers at the workshop are being added to the programme page.

Applications of Astronomy  Workshop Image

Astronomy has revolutionized our understanding of the Universe. The cutting-edge tools and techniques developed by astronomers to peer into the furthest reaches of the cosmos are now finding applications outside of astronomy, ranging from devices for medical imaging through to sensors for security and defence. Astronomy technology is helping to address real-world problems here on earth.

This conference will give an overview of technologies and techniques developed in astronomy, highlight the solutions they offer for solving commercially relevant issues, and provide information and guidance on how academics and industry can collaborate to develop future applications.

Sessions topics and keynote speakers for the main programme will include:

Session Keynote Speakers
Developing Impact from UK Astronomy Ian Robson (STFC, UK ATC)
Overview of astronomy applications Dr Gordon Love (University of Durham)
Biomedical Imaging & Analysis Dr Luis Diaz Santana (City University London)
Environmental Monitoring Mick Johnson (NERC CEOI)
Security and Defence Keith Lewis (EMRS DTC)
Energy Dr Chris Edwards (HiPER)
Developing future applications & funding Dr Tim Bestwick (STFC)

A careers networking lunch for graduate students and post-docs will illustrate the opportunities available for trained researchers wishing to explore a career outside of astronomy research.

The conference will take place at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, and will run from midday on the 13th October until midday on 15th October 2010.

The ROE conference is supported by the UK Astronomy Technology Centre and the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Edinburgh.