ROE - JSPS Workshop 2007 Programme

ROE - JSPS Workshop 2007 Abstract booklet

Time Title Speaker Talk
24th October
11.00--12.30 1: The state of the Universe    
11.00--11.10 Welcome   pdf
11.10--11.55 The State of the Universe Spergel ppt
11.55--12.30 The direct detection of Dark Matter Murphy pdf
12.30--14.00 LUNCH    
14.00--15.35 2: Dark Energy    
14.00--14.35 Dark Energy Theory Copeland  
14.35--14.55 Anisotropic Clustering of Galaxies in High-z Universe as a Probe of Dark Energy Matsubara pptx
14.55--15.15 Optimisation of large surveys to probe the dark energy Parkinson ppt
15.15--15.35 DUNE: the Dark UNiverse Explorer Refregier  
15.35--16.00 TEA    
16.00--17.30 3: Science with Subaru    
16.00--16.35 Wide-field surveys with the Subaru telescope Yamada ppt
16.35--17.10 Hyper Suprime-Cam Miyazaki pdf
17.10--17.30 Constraining Galaxy Formation and Reionization by Deep and Wide-Field Surveys Ouchi  
19.30--20.30 Public Lecture by David Spergel    
25th October
09.00--10.30 4: Large scale structure with photo-z surveys    
09.00--09.35 Review of weak lensing and large-scale structure Mellier pdf
09.35--10.10 Photometric redshifts for LRGs, DES and DUNE and the cross talk with Dark Energy Lahav ppt
10.10--10.30 Pan-STARRS Phleps ppt
10.30--11.00 COFFEE    
11.00--12.40 5: Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations    
11.00--11.20 BAOs in the 2dFGRS and SDSS Percival ppt
11.20--11.40 Photo-z versus Spectroscopic Routes to BAOs Shanks ppt
11.40--12.00 The PAU BAO Experiment Jimenez pdf
12.00--12.20 BOSS: The Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey Padmanabhan pdf
12.20--12.40 FastSound: a near-infrared BAO survey by Subaru/FMOS Totani ppt
12.40--13.50 LUNCH    
13.50--15.25 6: Galaxy formation and clustering    
13.50--14.25 Galaxy formation theory and modelling Cole ppt
14.25--14.45 Galaxy clustering in UKIDSS Large Area Survey Loveday ppt
14.45--15.05 Statistics of high redshift galaxies from MUSYC Padilla pdf
15.05--15.25 Photoionization Impact of Galaxies and QSOs on the IGM Meiksin  
15.25--15.45 TEA    
15.45--17.20 7: Nearby cosmology    
15.45--16.20 Nearby cosmology review Helmi pdf
16.20--16.40 The dSph satellites of the Milky way as Dark Matter tests Gilmore ppt
16.40--17.00 Near-field cosmology: structure and dynamics of the old galactic components Chiba pdf
17.00--17.20 Reconstructing the Formation Histories of the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies Font ppt
17.30 Departure of buses to Mary King's Close tours    
18.00--19.40 Mary King's Close tours    
From 19.45 Conference Dinner at the George Hotel    
26th October
09.00--10.35 8: Supernovae    
09.00--09.35 Type Ia Supernova and Dust Extinction Doi pdf
09.35--09.55 Verifying the Utility of Distant Supernovae as Precision Cosmology Probes Ellis  
09.55-10.15 The Supernova Legacy Survey Sullivan ppt
10.15-10.35 Cosmology with the European ELT Hook pdf
10.35--11.00 COFFEE    
11.00--13.00 9: Modified gravity and more BAOs    
11.00--11.35 Modified gravity models Maartens ppt
11.35--11.55 Observational tests of modified gravity models with future imaging survey of galaxies Yamamoto ppt
11.55--12.10 A closure theory for non-linear evolution of power spectrum Taruya ppt
12.10--12.25 The impact of non-linear evolution of cosmological matter power-spectrum on the measurement of neutrino masses Saito ppt
12.25--12.40 The detectability of baryonic acoustic oscillations in future galaxy surveys Angulo pdf
12.40--13.00 The Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX) Hill pdf
13.00--14.15 LUNCH    
14.15--15.35 10: Surveys at other wavelengths    
14.15--14.35 Evidence for a Population of High-Redshift Submillimeter Galaxies from Interferometric Imaging Younger ppt
14.35--14.55 Surveys of high-z galaxies and galaxy clusters with Herschel and SCUBA-2 Van Kampen ppt
14.55--15.15 Decrypting the Universe with LOFAR Best ppt
15.15--15.35 The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Rawlings ppt
15.35--16.00 TEA    
16.00--17.30 11: Synergy of methods    
16.00--16.35 The non-Gaussian signatures in cosmic shear fields Takada ppt
16.35--16.55 Complementarity of Future Dark Energy Probes Weller ppt
16.55--17.30 Summary remarks Suto & Ellis Suto.pdf Ellis.pdf

Note: Talk schedule is inclusive of question time.

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