SpatialBoundsError Class Reference

#include <SpatialException.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SpatialBoundsError (const char *what=0) throw ()
 Default and explicit constructors.
 SpatialBoundsError (const char *context, const char *array, int32 limit=-1, int32 index=-1) throw ()
 SpatialBoundsError (const SpatialBoundsError &) throw ()
 Copy constructor.

Detailed Description

SpatialException thrown on violation of array bounds. This Exception should be thrown on detection of an attempt to access elements beyond the boundaries of an array. A special constructor is provided for assembling the message from the typical components: program context, array name, violated boundary, and violating index.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SpatialBoundsError::SpatialBoundsError ( const char *  what = 0  )  throw ()

Default and explicit constructors.

SpatialBoundsError::SpatialBoundsError ( const char *  context,
const char *  array,
int32  limit = -1,
int32  index = -1 
) throw ()

Standard constructor. If limit and index are -1, both are considered unknown. Note that the upper limit of a zero-offset array is not the same as the number of elements.

SpatialBoundsError::SpatialBoundsError ( const SpatialBoundsError oldX  )  throw ()

Copy constructor.

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